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WHy the rebrand?

We decided it was time for a refresh at the salon! You may have noticed the small changes we have done to the inside of the salon as well as to our social media accounts. With new ownership, Anna wanted to bring her vision to life, by redesigning the salon. Lake Country Salons is a well-known and loved salon by the community, she didn't want to lose that, but wanted to start fresh with her own salon name and brand. After countless hours and meetings, we have come up with the perfect new brand A-Styles at Lake Country Salons. Welcome :)


Whats new?

1. Logo: Our new logo is modern and timeless, the goal for the new logo was to create something very versatile. A good mix of simple but give it a little flare with the typeface used. 
2. New Colors: When deciding on the colors, Anna reached for a more simple palette but something that would also be versatile with the salon. The color palette we decided on was a mix of neutral light tones with a few green tones that complement the light tones. 

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